Marketing Tips

The Best Times to Post On Social Media

You’ve got some great content to share but then just kind of freeze when it’s time to actually share that with your followers? Is now the right time? What if you post it and it’s met with crickets? What if the likes and loves don’t come pouring in?  When you post is just as important as what you post.  If your social media profile is still growing and you don’t have a large audience of your own – you can use these general guidelines.  If you’ve already built your own audience – you you can use social media insights to learn more about when your actual audience is most likely to see your content in real time. 

One little caveat here: you know your customers and their habits better than any graphic or article you find online.  Think of your ideal customers, how they spend their day, and when they’re most likely to be open to receiving your message.  Targeting parents of children between 5 and 10 to target your new after school program? You know what their house is like between 7:00 and 8:30.  It’s absolute chaos as they get the kids ready and out the door.  That’s probably not when they’re casually scrolling through Facebook.  So when are they most likely to do that? Do they wake up, grab the phone off the night stand? Then maybe you should be posting around 6:30.  Is the first time they have a chance to breathe when they get to work and getting ready to start their day? Maybe post around 8:45?  Already have a page with a few thousand parents? Can your insights and you may bee that they don’t really engage with your content at on weekdays until after 7PM – when the kids are bathed and winding down for bed.  

Social media can feel like we’re shooting in the dark – but a little strategy goes a long way.  

Always consider: 

  • What message are you trying to communicate?
  • Who are you targeting with this message?
  • How can you communicate this message in a way that speaks specifically to your target?
  • When is the best time to get that specific message posted for that specific target?